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Hi Mommies,
It would be great to learn from your own experience in motherhood, please feel free to share your stories!

Often, the best positive parenting tips come from other parents and moms, just like you and me. As parents, we are all in this together, doing our best, trying to figure things out and trying to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted, successful kids.

Along the way, we learn a lot about parenting and child rearing. We gain experience, perspective, wisdom and knowledge. This is what makes mother-to-mother advice so valuable -- our expertise, experiences and perspectives are varied, yet we are united through the fact that we all share the responsibilities of motherhood.

Here is your opportunity to share something you've learned -- a parenting tip, a piece of advice someone gave you that you would also like to pass on, or a few words of wisdom about parenting or motherhood.

Whether you've been a mom for two weeks or twenty years, you've got something useful to share. To submit your pearl of wisdom, piece of advice, or parenting tip, just click on the participate button!