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We are a dedicated Team of Experts (each one in her own field) who want to provide you the best of our up-to-date knowledge & resources. Better Mommies Founder & Director is a passionate reader who aims to bring you the most useful & best rated Articles from the many varous website which she finds useful.

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Nutritional articles:
Raya Abu Younes; Raya is a registered Clinical Nutritionist at the Association for Nutritionists-UK and a member of the British Nutrition Society. She obtained her BSc (Hons) degree in Nutrition from King's College London in 2011 and is currently undertaking a master's degree in International Health Management at Imperial College London.

Protect your child and living alternatively section:
Laurence der Hovsepian:                                         
A mommy of 2 Children, Laurence is the Founder & President of
“P.rotect Y.our C.hild Non-profit Organization” & the co-creator of “Living Alternatively” on Better Mommies.
A Graduate in the Field of Political Science/International Affairs, she decided to pursue what she was most passionate about- Child Advocacy.
Throughout the years she gained experience by volunteering/working for the International Red Cross, Amnesty International and many other N.P.O’s and N.G.O’s.
In 2006, she traded in her career for diaper changing, playgroups & story times by becoming a Full-time Stay at home mom/Work at home mom.
As of November 2011, Laurence has added to her C.V. the following: She is a certified Life coach (P.C.C) in the fields of Positive/Attachment parenting & Family Dynamics.
She will be contributing to our Website with many informative Articles and shine light on new ways of raising our children naturally and becoming Better Mommies.