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Better Mommies- Protect Your Child

About Us:
P.rotect Y.our C.hild is a (soon to be) Non-profit Organization which emphasizes on the prevention of Child abuse, Neglect and Abduction.

Our Mission:
Is to raise awareness through campaigns, educate through meetings, courses, seminars and reach out through medical professionals, to everyone (including victims) who needs help. We will also cover areas such as bullying, child trafficking & online safety.

Our Goal:
Is to fight:
-sexual abuse of children
-child abduction
-cruelty in all its forms against our children
-child neglect
-child trafficking
We aim to achieve our goal by pushing for the adoption of a law guaranteeing a "safe haven" for the children, where harsher sentences are applied on Abusers, Pedophiles, Kidnappers and such.
We are looking for volunteers. You will find that with volunteering, comes fulfillment and purpose which breeds happiness and strength. And we can come together for the greater good of Jordan’s children. Please join us in the fight to help Protect our children.