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Protect Your Child

About Us:
P.rotect Y.our C.hild is a (soon to be) Non-profit Organization which emphasizes on the prevention of Child abuse, Neglect and Abduction.
Our Mission:
Is to raise awareness through campaigns, educate through meetings, courses, seminars and reach out through medical professionals, to everyone (including victims) who needs help. We will also cover areas such as bullying, child trafficking & online safety.
Our Goal:
Is to fight-
-sexual abuse of children
-child abduction
-cruelty in all its forms against our children
-child neglect
-child trafficking

We aim to achieve our goal by pushing for the adoption of a law guaranteeing a "safe haven" for the children, where harsher sentences are applied on Abusers, Pedophiles, Kidnappers and such.
We are looking for volunteers. You will find that with volunteering, comes fulfillment and purpose which breeds happiness and strength. And we can come together for the greater good of Jordan’s children. Please join us in the fight to help Protect our children.


The importance of investing in a car seat
I chose to write about this topic because i think that it is very important and life-saving. After living in the Middle-east for over 8 years i learned that it is not a Law to keep Infants and Children in Car seats. On a daily basis i see many parents putting their infant babies or Children (in t...

Questions and Answers about pedophiles
Q: What are some tricks that sexual predators use?   A: Most childhood sexual abuse occurs with someone a child has an established and trusting relationship with, whether known or not by the parent. Teaching your children about stranger danger is outdated and does not address the rea...

Stop pedophiles:Because every child needs to be protected
Child sexual abuse is the use of a child for sexual gratification by an older or more powerful person. The offenders are usually adults, but sometimes could be powerful children. YOU need to know and accept the fact that it happens everywhere, in rich homes and poor ones, affecting boys and girls...

Identifying a True Pedophile
Sexual Abuse in Background :Although most victims of child sexual abuse do not become offenders, research indicates that many offenders are former victims.    Limited Social Contact as Teenagers: The pedophile’s sexual preference for children usually begins to manifest its...

Never ignore your child's fears!
Never Ignore your Child’s fears Which one of us hasn’t woken up in the middle of the night in his/her room all scared and completely covered up with the hopes of morning to come? Do you remember it? The fear, your fast heart beat & imagination going completely bonkers...

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