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Travelling with kids

I still remember the look of the lady who was sitting next to me when I first entered the airplane with my 2 years old son on my way to New York, she was like OH nooo.. Thinking it would be 13 hours of a crying baby next to her…
Yes, I was extremely terrified to travel with my son and what if he decided to make a big scene. We were all without kids at one point and we used to hate it when a baby cries in the airplane..
Well, what I did is I made a plan for him, all types of entertainment, play dough, stories, coloring books, lego, zoo, cars, activity books, robots, I even got some snacks with me and fruits.
I had a bag full of toys which I didn’t tell him about, as soon as we sat down we started playing, he was very excited that in two hours he wanted to sleep so he slept for almost 9 hours and when he got up we played again, ate, watched tv so it was a great trip for me.
When we arrived there, the same lady I mentioned earlier looked at me and told me well done, I felt proud and till now I still remember that
What made me write this article is a crying baby on my way back from Dubai last week, his mom didn’t do anything, she wanted to sit and let her baby cry it out while she does nothing. Well, no. That doesn’t work! 
I Thought I should share with you some tips I read about to entertain your kids during flighst:
1. Bring new toys and books
2. Use the technology made available to you. 
3. If you have your own technology, bring it.
4. Have your child travel in footie pajamas.
5. Bring a spare t-shirt for yourself.
6. make sure you have your hand cleanser of choice with you
7. Bring one carry on, and only one carry on.
8. If your child is old enough, do however, let them bring their own carry on.
9. Bring snacks. Meals on flights will not necessarily time well with your child’s needs, and airport food is not always suited to the palate of a toddler.
10. If you have an infant, use the baby carrier of your choice.
Do you have more tips/suggestions? Please share if any and have a safe entertaining  flight always!