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The importance of investing in a car seat

I chose to write about this topic because i think that it is very important and life-saving. After living in the Middle-east for over 8 years i learned that it is not a Law to keep Infants and Children in Car seats. On a daily basis i see many parents putting their infant babies or Children (in the Passenger seat) on their laps. And i think to myself: Why? Don't they realize how dangerous it is?
I'm sure all these parents love their children but do not comprehend that by keeping their kids without a Child seat means that they are playing Russian roulette with their lives unknowingly. It takes a split second to get into an accident and losing all you have loved dearly. Why wait for that second to happen and regret it ALL your lives?
Many laughed at me when they saw that my son who is almost 6 sits in a Booster seat. Others thought i'm over-protective????!!!! Well, i couldn't care less what ppl say. Even if i drive to our local supermarket i take 2 minutes of my time to put both my children in their car seats safely and then leave the parking. 
-Did you know that the most deadly car crashes happen less than 1 Km away from home when many parents don't fasten-up their kids thinking :"Oh well, it's only a few meters away"??
-Did you know that driving 30 km/pH can kill a child if it was not fastened up and a car accident happened?
Here are a few tips to remember:
-Children younger than 11 years old have no business sitting in front, because they could get harmed from the Airbag.
-All Children under 10 yrs. should either be in a Car seat or Booster seat.
-Be sure, before any journey, that the child seat is properly fitted with a belt.
-Never place anything underneath a child in the child seat; otherwise the child won't be protected by the belt in an accident. 
-If the belt is too large, it must be tightened to fit your child. If your child sits loosely in the child seat, it’s possible to buy cushions especially designed for this.
- Only the parent, or another adult, should undo and fasten the child's safety belt. Parents should not teach their child how to do this because they can otherwise never be sure that the child is securely fastened.
-The driver should not set off until everyone is securely fastened.
Accidents are the most frequent cause of death among children, and car accidents are the leading cause (40 per cent die in car accidents, followed by 15 per cent drowning).
Children in a car, who are not fastened with a seat belt or who are not placed in an appropriate sized and correctly fitted child seat, may be seriously injured or even die in a car accident. 
The relatively large weight of their heads, as they're thrown forward, makes them particularly vulnerable.
It ONLY takes 2 minutes of your time to put your children in their Car seats. LOVE them by keeping the SAFE.
If you don't have a car seat, go out and buy one TODAY!!
By Laurence der Hovsepian