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Spice up your health

Imagine your food without any spices. Unimaginable, is it? 
Right from the kitchen and medicinal uses in homes, spices have an important role to play in enhancing our Health from the inside out. It adds color, flavor & taste to the blandest food. 
You can be more creative in the use of spices if you are already advanced in understanding all benefits. Some may be a substitute for your costly beauty products and even medicines. They provide anti-inflammatory benefits, act as anti-oxidants, balance blood sugars, and improve circulation and cardiovascular health. Best of all, these crucial benefits are available to all without needless fat and calories.
Here’s a small list of Spices/Herbs & their benefits:

Allspice Antiseptic; anesthetic; balances blood sugar
Anise Seed Alleviates symptoms of asthma and congestion; laxative
Anise Star Diuretic, reduces gas
Basil Anti-inflammatory; antioxidant, strengthens defenses against asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Bay Leaf
Balances blood sugar and retards weight gain; sedative; may help reduce high blood pressure
Cardamom Reduces heartburn and helps digest grains
Cayenne Anti-inflammatory; improves circulation; enhances memory; opens respiratory passages
Celery Seed Helps relieve symptoms of gout, insomnia, and kidney stones
Chili Peppers Anti-inflammatory; provides pain relief; improves circulation; enhances memory; opens respiratory passages; may fight prostate cancer and ulcers
Chives May decrease risk of prostate cancer, and reduce cholesterol
Cilantro Used to regulate digestion and remedy bladder problems; antibacterial that may be an effective natural means of combating salmonella
Cinnamon Antibacterial; balances blood sugar; lowers cholesterol; alleviates congestion; sedative
Cloves Painkiller; alleviates diarrhea and nausea
Coriander Anti-inflammatory; reduces cholesterol; prevents gas; alleviates cramps and gout
Cumin Antiviral; anti-inflammatory; memory enhancer
Dill Weed Antioxidant; helps prevent growth of bacteria


Relieves congestion, stomach cramps and headaches
Fenugreek Lowers cholesterol; prevents gas; relieves sore throat and congestion; laxative
Garlic Antibacterial; antifungal; antiviral; lowers cholesterol and blood pressure; reduces water retention
Ginger Antibacterial; improves circulation; stimulates lymph glands; alleviates motion sickness and nausea
Lavender Used to treat burns, insomnia, anxiety, migraines, symptoms of menopause and to balance blood sugars
Lemon Grass Promotes digestion of fats, alleviates fevers and menstrual cramps
Lemon Peel Alleviates congestion; cleaning agent; high in vitamin C
Marjoram Antibacterial; antioxidant
Mustard Alleviates congestion, bronchitis, sore throat and arthritis
Onion Antiseptic, reduces high blood pressure, alleviates symptoms of asthma and colds
Orange Peel Helps prevent scurvy and colds; high in vitamin C
Oregano Antibacterial, antioxidant
Paprika Helps heal canker sores; improves circulation; alleviates symptoms of colds and kidney infections
Parsley Antioxidant; helps neutralize certain carcinogens; improves eyesight; promotes kidney and liver health; prevents buildup in arteries
Peppercorns Improves digestion and promotes intestinal health; anti-inflammatory; antioxidant and antibacterial; stimulates the breakdown of fat cells
Peppermint Muscle relaxant; digestive aide; antibacterial; antioxidant; anti-inflammatory
Poppy Seed Stimulates appetite
Red Pepper Anti-inflammatory; improves circulation; enhances memory; opens respiratory passages
Rosemary Stimulates the immune system; improves circulation; improves digestion
Sage Aids digestion of oily and fatty foods; antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, improves brain function
Sea Salt Slows bacterial growth; alleviates sore muscles and sore throats
Tarragon Anti fungal; anti-oxidant; sedative
Thyme Antioxidant; anti-inflammatory; antimicrobial; helps digest fatty foods; can kill MRSA infections (staph bacteria)
Turmeric Antioxidant; reduces cholesterol, inflammation, and indigestion; blocks the formation of many cancers

Keep your kitchen stocked with an array of spices and herbs (especially those that taste amazing and promote natural health) and consider new ways to incorporate them throughout the day.

By Laurence Der Hovespian