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Some tips for organizing your Clutter

When you're a mom, you're waging a constant war against clutter -- it's one of the great mental challenges of motherhood. Some moms thrive on order; for others, closets are used primarily for cramming things into just before people come over. No matter which type you are, we've gathered some great, realistic tips for getting your life more organized.
So here’s few tips and solutions for you to tame your clutter:
show kids how to help
Give your children specific instructions: Just saying "Clean your room" is too vague for most of them, and it's also overwhelming. "Pick up all the blocks and put them in the block box" is a more useful thing to say. Break big jobs down into smaller ones.Make sure there's enough storage space: If you're helping your child clean his room and get stuck trying to find a place for everything, you need to get rid of some stuff or get more storage, or both.
Get crafty with artwork
When your kids are in preschool and elementary school, it's important to find a place (other than the refrigerator) to display their prized scribbles and projects. Some ideas: Mount clips on a wall near the kitchen, low enough for the kids to reach, where they can hang up the creations for everyone to see. Put a magnetic board in their room, the playroom, or the kitchen so they can switch out the displays.
 Hang a long ribbon or string along the wall with clothespins for attaching artwork -- this is an easy and inexpensive way to show off their masterpieces.
No matter which method works for you, be sure to rotate artwork so your display area doesn't get overloaded.
Purge toys regularly
Kids rarely want to part with their toys. (And sometimes parents don't, either!) Which means you'll have to dig deep for your most creative mom skills to help them realize it's time to get rid of something. For very young children, sometimes it's easiest to simply put an item away for a while, then get rid of it after they've forgotten about it. This also helps sentimental parents because it's a two-step process; somehow it's easier to get rid of an item that's gathered dust in the basement for several months than something taken straight out of your child's toy box.
Let go of things
Tackle your kitchen: Throw away old spices that are past their prime, and every now and then, go through your pantry and toss out items that are out of date. Also go through the drawers and keep just those kitchen tools that you use frequently (store other things, like the holiday cookie cutters, in a box on a shelf).Don't feel guilty about getting rid of gifts that you never used or didn't like. Give them to someone who needs them.
The  bottom line: If you have to choose between alphabetizing your toy room and going outside to blow bubbles in the garden with your kids, of course, choose the garden. We share these organizing tips with you to help you have more time with your family. If they're useful, great. But if all this just seems overwhelming, then do what you can and don't fret the rest.
All moms know what a challenge it is to keep a house neat and organized with kids running around. Most of your fellow moms understand, and if they don't, they're not true friends! After your kids go to college, you'll have more than enough time to devote to a spotless home. While they're here with you, spend every minute with them that you possibly can stand. Your kids aren't going to remember how clean your house was, but they will remember that you played games with them.