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November 2011 Meeting summary

Hi Mommies; Our last meet up was nice and successful, it was hosted at House of Tales and Music. We started by story telling session by Miss Rabeea Al Naser followed by dancing and singing on some nursery rhymes:)kids and mommies enjoyed that part:)Mais Samhoury( kids psychologists) then started talking with us about trust. she mentioned five important points to keep and grow the trust between you and your children

1. Keep your promises with rewards and punishments

2.Give importance to his problems and don't ignore them...

3.keep the conversation on with your children, always ask for their thoughts and ideas.

4. Consistency of the way you are treating anddealing with your kids

5. Giving them alot of love and hugs

I'm looking forward to meet more mommies and new faces next meeting...do you have any topic youw ould like us to talk about please send it to my email natalie@bettermommies.com