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The Terrific Toddler Years
Don’t miss the chance to attend this amazing workshop if you are a parent of a 1-3 year old child? Join us for a 2-hour workshop on toddler development where we will be discussing: - Why the toddler years are so challenging? - Tantrums! Why do they happen and what to do about them? - Dealin...

The Annual Mommies Day
On the Occasion of Mother's Day and International Women Day, Better mommies with the collaboration of Princess Taghrid Institute for Development and Training presents                ...

Mom and Child Bonding Workshop

For more infor please call:+962776009966
Website: www.aticarttherapy.com
Fees: 65 JDs
Prior registration required
Limited seats available

What is your parenting style workshop
A workshop to explore the different styles of parenting and find out the best one for most of the children which at the same time makes the parents job easier. Facilitator: Dana Sakkijha Daoud Fees: 25 JD for Better Mommies only for Reservation contact Amideast Abdoun Tel: +962 65929994 or +96...

Art Class
Don't miss my gym art classes
Ages: 3- 5

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