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Mathnasium Learning Center

What is Mathnasium?
Mathnasium is a learning center where kids can go after school to boost their math skills.
We are highly specialized, for we only teach math. Our program is for kids in grades 1 to 12. Kids attend instruction twice to three times a week, for about an hour, and like a gym or health club, they can usually drop–in anytime. 
Our goal is to significantly increase your child’s math skills, understanding of math concepts, and overall school performance.

Children don’t hate math.
They dislike being confused and intimidated by math.
With understanding comes passion.
And with passion comes growth—a treasure is unlocked
Why Mathnasium?
Developed by Larry Martinek, a leading mathematics educator, Mathnasium is effective, affordable, and highly specialized. We get results! (You will receive periodic reports detailing your child’s progress.)
We provide a productive environment where your child can receive both instruction and practice. Instruction is provided directly by qualified teachers who are highly trained in our method.
Kids enjoy their workouts! Most importantly, they acquire Number Sense—the ability to think mathematically. We focus on building a solid foundation of skills, which will maximize your child’s success in school, the SAT, and beyond, but we take pride in the most wonderful side–benefit from this process: your child’s boosted self–confidence.
Mathnasium caters to each child's different needs. We detect your child's weak areas in math and design the instruction method accordingly. Thus filling in the gaps the child needs to build a solid base in math as he or she moves up in school. We also have special designed programs for talented children who need a more challenging practice of math through which they can achieve their potential and improve it.
At Mathnasium, we believe that math is a subject that has no language. Our teachers are trained to teach and instruct in whatever language the child feels comfortable in or requests, be it Arabic or English. It is also the right place to go for students who are struggling with the process of switching the curriculum language (Arabic to English or vice versa).
Our Summer courses has proven to be an excellent tool for reinforcing previously acquired mathematical skills for children who tend to lose them more quickly than others as the scholastic year ends.  Mathnasium's summer program also gives students a push for the coming scholastic year, giving them a chance to excel and a considerable boost of self confidence. 

Contact Details:
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um othaina 00962-6-5524054
swifiah 00962-6-5866686
Irbid 00962-2-7241240
hotline 00962-799070444
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