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March 2012 Meeting Summary

Our March Meeting was hosted at Cutie Town, a great fun place for kids. We started the meeting by Kindermusik class done by Ghalia Al Bittar (owner and partner in Cutie Town) followed by story telling session by the great kids story writer Taghreed al Najjar; kids had enjoyed that so much. the kids then went inside to play and we mommies sat and talked about baby number two, we shared our experiences in how baby number two didn't full got our attention as the first baby. Some said that the first baby is the one who gets the attention because we are new to this motherhood thing and some said that on the contrary baby number two got the good kind of attention as the mommy is more aware of what to expect. We shared experiences and stories but came to a conclusion as below:
- Never feel guilty of the way you treat your second child as its totally normal to split the attention between two kids.
- Spend some quality time to bond with each child separately
- Baby number two is more independent and most of the time has a stronger personality as he watches his brother grow and learn from him.
- Don't Spoil baby number two because of the continuous mommy guilt, you will regret that later. give each child his right without discrimination.

Looking forward to meet with you next month and learn more from your experiences.... if you feel like talking about certain topic please let us know!