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Kids Activities

Christmas show with Santas and Meshow show
Magin show
Clown show
Santa presence
Gift for every child
Candies and sweets for the kids
For more info call 0777777575

Tree Tales Christmas exhibition and market
Kids play area
Kids activities
Handmade tems
Perfect christmas gifts
For more info call +962 796112242
Entrance ticket: 1 JD only!


What The HILLS?
Live Entertianment
Fun and Games
For booking and reservations: whatthehillsjo@gmail.com
Tickets: Family zone: 25 JDs
Seated Bunch 15 JDs
The Backbone: 10 JDs
The little ones: 5 JDs

ِA Happy Place
Talent show, Designers Bazaar, happy corners, food stalls, rides, games & more!

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