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Jordan Kickboxing Academy

Jordan Kickboxing Academy offers a range of high-powered classes that provide a full body workout and at the same time enables you to acquire the discipline and skills required for practicing a martial art. With certified and experienced instructors, the Academy is set on helping you stay motivated and make kickboxing a permanent part of your workout lifestyle.

Kickboxing & You
Incorporating kickboxing in your workout routine is the best way to achieve overall physical conditioning and toning by:
• Improving muscle tone and cardio endurance
• Building and increasing strength, flexibility and stamina
• Burning between 500 to 800 calories per hour
• Relieving stress and improving balance and coordination

You have a choice of joining the Academy's challenging group classes or requesting private, one-on-one training. No matter what type of training you choose, the ultimate result is increasing your endurance and cardiovascular strength and defining and quickening your reflexes, the latter being an essential element if you want to master this martial art for self-defense purposes.

Private Training:
One of our highly qualified instructors will work with you on designing a targeted workout to meet your goals.

Kids Classes:
We provide a safe, fun, positive and controlled environment that works to teach kickboxing techniques for teenagers and kids of different ages and levels. The classes focus on control, fitness, coordination and confidence building, ultimately shaping a young person’s physical and mental traits that are essential for strengthening their character.

Group Instruction:
Our instructors are able to accommodate varying skill levels so as to create a dynamic group workout that will enhance each person’s capabilities.

Coach/ Leena Haquz
4th Dan Black Belt/ Kickboxing
2nd Dan Black Belt/ Taekwon-do
• Jordan's most highly certified Female Kickboxing Trainer by the Jordanian Kickboxing Federation & the Youth Leadership Center – Higher Council For Youth
• 23 years of experience in various martial arts

Location :
Abdoun, Sa'oud Al Qadi Street, Building no.12, behind the American Embassy- Amman
Tel: +962 6 592 2102
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/JordanKickboxingacademy