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How about a healthy Popsicle!

Summer has finally arrived & school time is over. It’s Ice cream & Popsicle Season  Your kids will need the coolness in the upcoming hot days & months. 
Always remember what sugar does to our kids bodies:
Little bodies don’t process sugar the same way as grown up bodies. Mood swings, inability to concentrate and temper tantrums can be the affects of too much sugar in a child’s diet. When we eat carbohydrates such as sugars and starches, our blood sugar rises and our bodies release insulin. Insulin helps fuel the body, but when children are sugar sensitive, this careful balance is disturbed.  Their blood sugar rises more quickly and reaches higher levels than normal.  As a result, a larger amount of insulin is released. This creates that “Sugar High” and subsequently leads to a sugar crash. This might be familiar to you as exhaustion, lack of concentration, irritability or meltdown. Let’s minimize these effects & strengthen their immune system with natural, healthy and tasty alternatives.
How about experiencing this coolness with a healthy approach to Popsicles? I always watch out for what my kids eat. I try to find healthier alternatives to everything they like to eat & so I bend/twist many recipes to create them as minimally processed as possible.
So, here is what I ended up with after a lot of online research & of course testing.
Healthy Fruit Orange Blossom Water Frozen Popsicle
What you need:
-Wooden freezer Pop sticks (found in most Supermarkets)
-Popsicle/Ice cream Molds 
500 ML Cold Water
30 ML Orange Blossom Water
1 teaspoon Lemon Juice
Honey or your favorite natural sweetener to taste
Fresh Fruits of your taste, cut up in thin slices 
Stir well all ingredients in a bowl. Place cut up slices of fruit into your molds then pour mixture into the molds. Freeze. After 4-5 Hours remove the Popsicle from the Molds…et Bon Appétit.:) 
By: Laurence der Hovsepian