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Funtastic is a children edutainment center catering for children in the age group between 1-9 years of age. We at Funtastic understand that through play activities children gain most of their life experiences; therefore we see the need to ensure an environment that optimizes the benefits for the children
Funtastic Kids Edutainment Center is designed based on principles that focus on four fundamental development stages affecting both the physical and mental growth of the children. The center is situated in a prime location in Amman, the capital city of Jordan on a 800sqm land area consisting of 400sqm indoor area and a 250sqm outdoor play zone. 
Our activities include:
1. Day Care program – An educational but fun program for kids between the ages of 18 months – 4 years of age, running Sunday through Thursday from 8:30am – 2 pm. Run by professionals, it offers the children a safe, clean and positive environment to enrich their life experiences.
2. Nurseries & Schools Visits – We are a popular destination to the best schools and nurseries in Amman, special programs are arranged in cooperation with the school or nursery this includes, Fun music & dancing classes, puppet shows, arts & crafts projects & much more.
3. Birthday Parties – Funtastic hosted over 1000 fun birthday parties at our spacious functions / birthday area. The center is fully equipped to cater for the trendiest and most exciting parties in town. Moreover we organize birthday parties from A to Z  at any of your preferred venues  
4. Summer Camps & Winter Camps – The best camps ever ensuring your kids have a useful yet enjoyable experience during their school breaks.
5. Special celebrations and events– like Ramadan, Christmas, Adha and Easter parties plus many themed parties are carried out regularly
6. Kids Clubs, including art clubs, science clubs, appreciation of music clubs and many more keep on the lookout for our fun activities.
For more information about our different services please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at
+96265540850 or +962795900743 or +962796438888