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Don’t say cheese!

One photog-mama’s guide to taking better photos of your children !
by Nadia Bata/ Blue Shoes Photography

On the 6th of April last year, I became a member of the mommy club; my sweet, stubborn, funny, silly, innocent, cheeky son, Faris was born. Many Sleepless nights have followed, countless smelly diapers have been changed and laughter has become a daily fixture in our lives.
He is almost a year old now and I often find myself thinking: where has all that time gone?! My sleepy Newborn, cooing 3 month old, laughing 6 month old, curious 9 month old, time surely does fly! It is only after I became a mother that I truly began to appreciate the importance of documenting all those moments; for me and for others. Being a professional photographer means I can do so beautifully and it is a gift I am eternally grateful for.

Now onto my main subject: BAD photos, from evil red eyes to chopped off heads, bad lighting to ghost-like blurs, we are surrounded by them and I am here to wave my magic wand and make them disappear. I couldn’t find an efficient broom so I’ve decided to put all this technology into good use and write a series of articles instead. I will give you the tips that the professionals use in an easy “leave the technical terms to the geeks” way. I will show you how to make your photos stand out regardless of your equipment and I will be sharing my own photos of my son to make it all click.
I do believe in the importance of hiring a pro to take family portraits every once in a while but it’s not likely that you’d have one ready and waiting when your daughter decides to try on your shoes, or when your son has received his first real play fight wound. I hope that the tips I will share will have you reaching for your camera (or phone) at an instant, with all the confidence of a seasoned pro!

Here are a couple of images to illustrate what I’m talking about; these images were taken using the same camera, at the same time with only a few changes made. Which one do you gravitate towards? Which one tells you more about the child? Which one would make a mama’s heart sing? Over the coming weeks I will be telling you what I did differently and showing you how to get your photos to that next level. Until then, happy shooting!