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Brillian Kids Academy

Come and jump on our trampoline and see how high you can go,
Throw yourself into our ball pits, release your imagination on our swing!
The excitement is unstoppable for the four seasons, you can find gardening, water play and much, much more

At Brilliant Kids Academy, we apply the American NEAYC Program of Developmentally Appropriate Practice which is our fundamental commitments to excellence and equity in educating children.
Arabic, English and French lessons with some Math, Science and social studies thrown in. Our rooms have the best equipment Ever, with high tech Smart boards.

Lets Explore the seven seas and sail to excitement of learning,Your brain is a treasure, and our job is to guide you to the best way of using it.

Awesome caring teaching staff, as your first step will be way different in our world.
We also offer Infant and Toddler programs that are truly unique &geared towards your child’s needs.

Tel: +962 65925253 - +962797720101
Address: Between 5th and 4th Circle
Dar As-Salam Street- Amman