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Being a mother!

Yes.. who doesn’t admit that motherhood is hard.. the thought that those little creatures are forever yours.. They will always be a part of you. Their toes will forever be the toes that kicked you in the ribs.But some days  it’s hard.. it’s getting up and feeding them, convincing clothes onto them, sitting with them, then working all day, arriving home in time to listen to them scream about not wanting to go to bed. Those days get to me. Those days test me, because they test my love for them, they test the bounds of my patience and temper. On those days, the bad mommy sometimes gets to come out and have bad thoughts..
Being a mother isn’t just a test-it’s a battle. Sometimes it’s lovely and gentle, other days, it’s bloody and loud and frightful. Some days I don’t like it at all. Others I just love it..
Each mommy has a journey to walk in her own pace and her children’s pace. Kids tend to grow so fast. Before three years my daughter opened her eyes to see her mommy “me”.. I looked in her eyes and forgot the world.. This day in particular makes me think what a big responsibility I have.. Raising my children to be loving, caring, smart and genuine is SOMETHING!!
We all need a push.. a small push to move on and carry on with our journey and this small push is simply “support”,  being supported by good friends and family is the best way,  having some timeout is another way of making you move on strong again.. go out with your friends, go to a spa, take care of your own beauty.. all of those will make you fresh again.
Children tend to gain all your behaviours..  when you feel you just can’t take it, don’t take it out on them, shout for some help, use the support. You need it!
I just felt like sharing with you some support tips to make you move on happy and strong..Your children need you and need you strong and happy because again after every happy child is  happy mommy.. a happy mommy to have him, a grateful mommy to take care of him!
You aren’t alone!