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Protect Your Child

About Us:
P.rotect Y.our C.hild is a (soon to be) Non-profit Organization which emphasizes on the prevention of Child abuse, Neglect and Abduction.
Our Mission:
Is to raise awareness through campaigns, educate through meetings, courses, seminars and reach out through medical professionals, to everyone (including victims) who needs help. We will also cover areas such as bullying, child trafficking & online safety.
Our Goal:
Is to fight-
-sexual abuse of children
-child abduction
-cruelty in all its forms against our children
-child neglect
-child trafficking

We aim to achieve our goal by pushing for the adoption of a law guaranteeing a "safe haven" for the children, where harsher sentences are applied on Abusers, Pedophiles, Kidnappers and such.
We are looking for volunteers. You will find that with volunteering, comes fulfillment and purpose which breeds happiness and strength. And we can come together for the greater good of Jordan’s children. Please join us in the fight to help Protect our children.


Child Abuse Categories
Do YOU truly know what Child Abuse is? Child abuse and neglect is any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker, which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation of a child. It is an act or failure to act which presents an immine...

Spanking-the ultimate answer to disciplining?
You name it, I heard it..There are always new creations of words to what I consider as abuse! Spanking, slapping, hitting, beating, disciplining..and so on. The core question is: Is one better than the other? Aren't they all just the same? I've had endless arguments about this topic ...

Due to the recent increase in Child Abductions, and the horrific "almost" kidnapping of a dear friend's Daughter. I have decided to share a few tips on "How To" prevent your Child from becoming a victim. Please keep your Children under constant supervision and if they shoul...

TOILET PAPER ROLL: A Life Saver for Your Young Child
This is a Topic that I consider of major importance, especially after being trained for Child CPR/First Aid. One of the major causes of Infant accidental deaths is through Choking on objects.When our Children start growing, exploring, walking, that’s when they start learning about new objects by put...

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