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What is Alternative Living?

Leading the Alternative Lifestyle is all about Natural & Green living as it relates to raising a happy & healthy family. We are not Hippies, Yuppies or Gypsies. And NO we have not escaped any type of mental asylum. We are modern women, up to date and successful in Life. But we want to go back to our roots and make the best of what Planet Earth has to give us, just like all our ancestors did.

Here you shall find all the information needed to start changing (even if it’s in baby steps) your way of thinking and maybe your lifestyle.
Our Topics will cover the Health challenges presented by the NOT so natural world around us & how we can heal without the ever-growing multi-billion Pharma Industry. We will learn about Organic Food, Supplements, Natural Medicine, Green Cleaning, Healthful eating, Natural and Sustainable Gardening, Natural remedies, Natural Beauty tips, Attachment/Positive Parenting and much more.

Our greatest goal is to find alternatives in living a more natural, happy & healthy Life. Let’s try to learn and apply these alternatives into our daily Family Routine and pass on vibrant health (mental/physical), societal awareness and a deep abiding love for the future of our children on Planet Earth.


Your Alternative Living Team


The Hygiene Hypothesis
Countless people suffer from the teary eyes, sneezing and wheezing of Allergies and Asthma. These have become an epidemic throughout the past decades in many parts of our oh-so evolving world, because we have been trying so hard to reduce the microbial exposure on ourselves and our Family thru incre...

Baby Wearing
Baby wearing has been around for as long as we can remember. Think of our ancestors who used a variety of long cloths, shawls, scarves and even bed sheets to carry their babies and get the chores done indoors and outdoors. It came naturally to all mothers that Baby carrying was the ONLY reasonable w...

Attachment Parenting
Attachment Parenting“Children are conceptualized as mirrors. If love & affection is given to them, they return it. If none is given, they have none to return because they will not know how.”Attachment parenting isn't always understood clearly. As a mom of two children, I have found there are man...

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