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April 2012 Meeting Summary

Hi all,
First i would like to thank creative kids for hosting our meeting and Reem abu el Ragheb for being the speaker and giving us so many useful information.I would like to thank all the  mommies who attended the meeting as well as they all shared their personal experiences and we learned from one another, we talked about bullying and below is the summary of everything we discussed.

·        Bullying: is physical or emotional abuse that is reoccurring, intentional, and forces a person to do something that they don’t want to do. There is usually a power imbalance in a bullying situation.
·        Not all uncomfortable or unpleasant situations in our life are considered bullying. 
·        Bullying comes in different forms: physical: kicking- hitting- spitting….etc.
Or emotional: spreading rumors- ignoring- staring- silent treatment….
·        Consequences of bullying: low self esteem- withdrawal- deteriorating academic achievement- depression- sickness- and in extreme cases suicide (bullicide).
If your child is bullied:
-        Do not turn a blind eye.
-        Do not tell him/her to go and fight.
-        Do not take things into your own hands and leave the child out of it.
-        Teach your child safety strategies.
-        Work on building your child’s confidence and self image.
-        Enroll your child in after school activities.
If your child is the bully:
-        Find out why.
-        Make it clear that it is not acceptable.
-        Spend time with your child.
-        Teach your child problem solving skills.
-        Talk with the school. 

We also talked how one shouldn't be so protective about his children, you should teach your child how to defend himself in a polite civilised way. Always cover his back and show him your support.
Never teach your child to hit back in a direct way as he will learn that hitting is ok and won't understand the limits...
We also learned that one way to boost your childs self confidence is by giving him tasks that he can do, this way he will feel that he has done something and with you praising him that woul def boost his self esteem.

have your child ever went thru bullying?how did you deal with that? share your thoughts and experiences mommies...